#What is CVD?(Lab Grownn Diamond)

Discover the breathtaking beauty of CVD, an incredible gemstone that was literally born from a star: having first been deposited by and discovered in a crater created by a CVD that slammed into Earth some 50,000 years ago. CVD is available today as beautiful and unique faceted gemstones in many mesmerizing shapes and sizes.

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All of our cvd diamonds are tested by the International Gemological Association (IGA).




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C-V-D Co. appreciates your decision to shop with us. One way we say thank you to our customers is through our Loyalty Rewards Program.




Recycled & Eco Friendly Precious Metals

As part of our commitment to environment responsibility, we use recycled precious metals in the creation of our jewelry, providing our customers ethical and eco-friendly jewelry of the highest quality.




100% Made in the USA

From the creation of the CVD gemstone to the fabrication of the CVD jewelry, our products are made in the USA.




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All U.S. orders over $2000.00 qualify for FREE FedEx insured shipping safely, securely and to your door. No added costs and free shipping.









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